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About us

About us

The De Santis Elettronica was born in 1999, thanks to the desire of its founder, Marco De Santis.
Graduated in electronics, selected donors, based on the experience gained with sacrifice, passion, and dedication over the course of thirty years of experience, in which he has accumulated a vast knowledge and experience treating plant and repairs electronic equipment in the field of consumer electronics and professional.
After having gained so much experience, having achieved high levels of knowledge and satisfaction, chose in 1999 to found the De Santis Elettronica.
The target is to give a lot in this complex was always searching for new strategies and technologies, especially in the field of telecommunications.
You may wonder why a thirty years experience, De Santis Electronics was up until 1999?
Simple, Mr. De Santis after 18 years of previous activity at some point after it has obtained excellent results, he realized that it was time to turn professional and embark on a journey totally independent, continuing his career.
Thanks to meticulous, always looking into the future, has created a team of efficient cooperation in all areas that can provide answers to all questions, the customer's needs with competence and kindness.
The goal that Mr. De Santis always likes to say his team is: "In this world of confusion and uncertainty we have to be a point of reference with professionalism and honesty and make available to our clients all the business component of each one of us better at 360 " because our professional preparation leads to a success in addition to a secured personal baggage of satisfaction.
Because we have an added value that few possess.
Because we believe!

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